Whole School Citizenship

On Thursday, the whole school carried out 2 activities:

  1. Baking in preparation for our coffee afternoon this afternoon, learning practical life skills. The smells from the middle classroom were mouthwatering.
  2. School Values and planning what Newmore School Values will be. The children were then put into pairs looking at examples of local schools’ values. They had discussions about what they liked and then created their own list for Newmore;


Friendly/Friendship Be kind and respectful
Team Work Respect
Confidence Honest 
Fun Be creative
Responsibility  Improve and learn 
Caring Be happy and never give up
Work Hard Resilience 
To encourage others to be the best that they can be /best self Pride
Trust (yourself and others) Helpful
Rational Encourage
Sharing  Motivated
Never give up Stay positive
It’s ok to be different  Support people who struggle
Include  Be ready to learn 
Challenge yourself Keep yourself and others safe
Grateful Be ambitious 

Once both groups has created their lists. We met back as a whole school and came up with a plan.

There were 3 suggestions:

  • Pick 8 or 10 and vote for the best via google 
  • Condense some as a few are similar 
  • Make an acronym so we can remember the values as this helps us with the well-being indicators. 

The whole school voted and agreed the best thing would be to have an acronym.

Next steps: 

  • As a whole school in mixed pairs, come up with words that could be used as an acronym and then use the values we have listed about to make our acronym. 
  • We will then vote on the best which will then become our schools values.

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