P1-7 all worked collaboratively in mixed groups today to create a roller coaster.

The children were given the following design brief that their roller coaster had to be:

  • at least 30cm tall in one point (ruler)
  • The bingo ball rolls down from the top to the bottom without falling off or without someone supporting it

The children all created some brilliant roller coasters, it is interesting to see how the children interpret the design brief and how different they can all be. The children were problem solving along the way and coming up with strategies to challenges. They were also able to justify their solutions.

This afternoon, the staff will evaluate the activity and make links using our schools ‘Super 6 Skills.’

Science Skills Academy

This week,  Fionnadh Carroll, STEM Engagement Officer for the Dingwall ‘Newton Room’ delivered a taster session to P7 pupils from Ardross and Newmore at Ardross Hall.

They are currently in the process of refurbishing the space in Dingwall Town Hall to become a local ‘Newton Room’. Whilst it awaits completion of this work, they are offering taster sessions for Primary 7 stem

The children explored different ways to estimate, calculate and measure distances then use LEGO MINDSTORM robots to assess their accuracy. They calculated the circumference of their robot’s wheels and plot a course around the perimeter of shapes.

This was a super session for the children and they loved using the robots to aid their learning.



The Science Skills Academy (SSA) delivers hands-on practical STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities to P6-S2 students in the Highlands and Islands. Our aim is for the sessions to excite and inspire students, and encourage them to study STEM subjects at school and beyond. We also introduce students to the wide variety of STEM career pathways, both in general and in the Highlands and Islands region. The SSA is a programme led by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and run in partnership with the Highland Council, NHS Highland, Skills Development Scotland, and the University of the Highlands and Islands.


Family Games Night

On Friday Night we held a Family Games Night to raise money towards the P7 Residential trip.

A fantastic amount of £241 was raised.

We all had great fun, special thanks to Mr G, our Games Master and to all who baked for the interval.

THANK YOU for your support, it was a great turnout 🙂

Netball Taster

Today, South Lodge kindly gave us the use of their hall for P4-7 to take part in a Netball session delivered by P.E Teacher Mandy Gill who also attends Fyrish Flyers Netball Team.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience, they had never played Netball before.

netball3netball4netball 5

Luxury Apartments

The children have been covering a number of Curricular areas in their latest project, Science, Technology and Creativity are to name but a few.

The children had to design a luxury apartment with at least two rooms with two pieces of furniture . One room had to include a series circuit with two lights and the other room had to include a parallel circuit. They also had to consider how to keep the wires from showing in the

We used an energy ball to test whether humans are conductors. When you touch the two metal strips on the ball your hand becomes part of an electric circuit. We made a whole class circuit by holding hands. It made the ball light up. When someone broke the circle, the light went off.


Value Awards

Today saw the debut of our new ‘School Values Award.’

We had 5 successful winners today who have demonstrated our school values. Well Done to all of our winners! value awardAwards can be given to pupils showing examples of the following…

‘Never give up


Working Hard



Ready to Learn


Bag Packing

Yesterday, our P7s did Bag Packing in Morrisons with support from the Tain Rotary Club.

The fundraising was to cover the transport cost for their P7s ASG Transition Trip where P7 pupils from Park, Milton, Newmore and South Lodge will go to Loch Eil together in April.

Thanks to the efforts yesterday, £747 was raised and alongside a  super donation from the Port of £750 the costs are now covered.

We received this email from Mark from the Rotary club…

“Evening everyone,

Firstly on behalf of the Rotary club I would like to thank you all for the amazing amount of work you did in getting everyone there today.

Secondly, I have now counted all the money twice and as far as I can see we raised the amazing sum of £747.00 exactly.

It was a fantastic day, all your pupils were excellent and did a great job. Please extend my thanks to all of them and their parents too.”

Numeracy – Improvement Priority


As part of our School Improvement Plan this year, we have been working hard to improve numeracy in our school. This is being targeted in a number of ways.

The main improvement so far is that we have created a new working space in our spare classroom. This is used daily where our PSAs take the whole school out at some point, in groups to develop and consolidate maths strategies which will contribute to their understanding. This is to enable the children to range of strategies to employ when tackling numeracy and mathematical problems of various types.

The children are really enjoying the small group work and are disappointed when it is not their groups turn to go out.

The teachers have also been adapting how they teach maths in class, there is a picture here of one group using concrete materials to aid their understanding of fractions.

We are all very excited about the changes which is inspiring to observe.