S.T.E.M Celebration

On Thursday 5th March some of the children form primary P1-4 went to the “Celebration of STEM” event at Eden court to showcase their “Little Lighthouse” project.

It was a great event and the children did a fabulous presentation to the judges.  They also took part in 7 mini stem challenges where they had to demonstrate a range of skills including teamwork and problem solving.

The children behaved brilliantly and had a fun day out.  They won the “Newcomer” award and received a certificate and a butterfly garden.

Fair Play Award

We are delighted to share that our Futsal Team were presented with the ‘Fair Play’ Award at the Invergordon Futsal Tournament.

We are very proud of them as this award is given to the team who demonstrate an excellent team spirit and an encouraging attitude towards others.


WELL DONE! fair play

Futsal Tournament


Here is our Futsal Team that are participating in the Invergordon Futsal Tournament this morning.


This tournament was organised by Jake Williams our Active Schools Co-ordinator.

Brilliant sportsmanship was displayed by all pupils, they worked fantastically as a team and had great fun.

Films in the making

Jonathan and Mali are back from Eden Court today.

The children have been exploring different digital technologies and are filming 🎞
They have seven different “frames” to try – wide shot, close up, super close up, low angle shot, high angle shot, pan shot and tracking shot. Our scenes have to be between 7 and 10 seconds long. Tricky stuff!
The children are absolutely loving experimenting with the technology and acting out various scenes.

Pancake Day

pancake day

We h

We had brilliant bakers this morning who did a marvellous job of making pancakes for the whole school to enjoy. Not only were they developing a range of experiences and outcomes they were also working on our Super 6 Skills and School Values.

Newmore Now

new3 Jonathan (outreach worker) from Eden Court is back!
The whole school will be working with him over the coming weeks to create a film entitled “Newmore Now!”
Pupils will come up with content ideas and have the opportunity to film using cameras, sound equipment and green screens. A
very exciting time ahead for the children to develop our ‘Super 6 Skills’ and to have the opportunity to work with Eden Court. Watch this space to see how we are getting on…

Wider Achievement

This week, the whole school were given the opportunity to take part in a Talent Show to show off their skills and talents which contribute and help to develop their own personal skills linked to our ‘Super 6 Skills.’

The children were super and we had a huge variety of talents from jokes, to parkour.



talent show